Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lazyweb: Mac backup software associated with Iomega Jaz?

In my data recovery sideline, I thought I might tackle some of my own ancient media. I have a number of Mac backups on ancient Jaz 1 GB disks, written in the period 1997-1999. Andrew Treloar of ANDS has recovered the contents of those files onto CD-ROM, so I'm not looking to read the media any more. There are 2 backups on each of 2 Jaz disks, and the CD has 4 files from each Jaz disk. The earliest two have the following names:
FIGIT 2.971113A #001
FIGIT 2.971113A.FULL
I'm guessing these were written on 13 November, 1997. Definitely from a Mac. Does anyone know what backup software wrote these? I would like to recover the contents if possible!

The .FULL is about 250 KB, while the #001 appears to be around 300 MB and is presumably the actual backup!

Any ideas on what the backup software might be? I thought it might be some standard software on the Iomega install. The install disks I still have don't read properly, but I managed to get sight of a directory for a French DOS install disk, and couldn't see any file names that looked like backup software!


  1. http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/mediac-d.htm may be able to help

  2. Could also try http://mac.wareseeker.com/demo/iomega-automatic-backup-1.0.2/334178/backup-mac-ppc-102t.sit to see if this will open the files


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