Thursday, 14 May 2009

OAIS version for public examination

Thanks to David Giaretta for the following information on the state of the revision to OAIS (I have commented earlier on this process):
OAIS version for public examination

Many comments and ideas for clarifications and improvements for OAIS were received as part of its 5 year review process.

These suggestions were reviewed and the proposed dispositions sent to their originators for further comment. This draft version of OAIS contains these and many other improvements and is the candidate for submission to ISO for review. At this stage we are seeking primarily to identify errors rather than further ideas.

The PDF file is available at

Please send corrections to by 15 June 2009

(NB there are some cross-reference errors which will be corrected in the final version)

Shortly after this date the corrected OAIS update will be sent to ISO and in due course this will be released for international review at which point further comments may be submitted.

John Garrett (chair) David Giaretta (deputy-chair)


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