Friday, 13 November 2009

5th International Digital Curation Conference : Register Now!

Hear ye, hear ye! [Shameless promotion here, but with useful information embedded!]

Time to register for this premier curation event, coming up in London, in the first week in December. We have a great programme this year, with Douglas Kell, head of BBSRC as the opening Keynote, and Timo Hannay of Nature as the closing keynote. In between we have perspectives on scale from US viewpoints, particularly the two large NSF-funded Datanet projects, and from the UK with reports linked to neurosciences and social simulation.

In the first afternoon we have our popular Minute Madness, followed by the Community Space: part of the conference shaped by you, plus a symposium on citizen science.

The second day has a wide range of interesting papers. Do you want to know how curation is being tackled in some US universities? The implications of Chronopolis or CASPAR? What those Australians are doing in data curation? How to preserve software, or to do emulation a bit better? What metadata might be appropriate for scientific datasets, or how to extract metadata from resources better? What are the information requirements of Life Sciences, or the Arts and Humanities? How to curate a database that’s constantly changing? Then come to Kensington in December!

Nearly forgot to mention the pre-conference workshops, some of which deserve blog posts of their own.


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