Monday, 21 April 2008

Institutional Repository Checklist for Serving Institutional Management

DCC News (, news item visible on 21 April 2008) draws our attention to this interesting paper:
Comments are requested on a draft document from the presenters of the "Research Assessment Experience" session at the EPrints User Group meeting at OR08. The "Institutional Repository Checklist for Serving Institutional Management" lists 13 success criteria for repository managers to be aware of when making plans for their repositories to provide any kind of official research reporting role for their institutional management.
Find out more (Note there are at least 3 versions, so comments have already been incorporated).

I liked this: "The numeric risk factors in the second column reflect the potential consequences of failure to deliver according to an informal nautical metaphor: (a) already dead in the water, (b) quickly shipwrecked and (c) may eventually become becalmed."

This kind of work is important; repositories have to be better at being useful tools for all kinds of purposes before they will become part of the researcher's workflow...


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