Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wouldn't it be nice...

... if we had some papers for the 4th International Digital Curation Conference in Edinburgh (dinner in the Castle, anyone?) next December, created in a completely open fashion by a group of people who have perhaps never met, using data that's publicly available, and where the data and data structures in the paper are tagged (semantic web???), attached as supplementary materials, or deposited so as to be publicly available.

No guarantees, folks, since the resulting paper has to get through the Programme Committee rather than just me. But it would have a wonderful feeling of symmetry...


  1. Sounds cool. Why don't you start such a paper? I'd participate, or at least follow. I bet many others would too.

  2. Well I'm glad the idea has found some resonance! I'm not sure I'm at all the right person to start such a paper, being chair of the Programme Committee, but I'll have a think about it.

  3. It would be nice, wouldn't it. I can't help feeling that perhaps it already has happened in some other field (but that's a completely uninformed gut feeling.)

    Here's hoping that this encourages someone to try, and that others on the programme committee are supportive of the idea.


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