Thursday, 8 January 2009

Digital Curation Google Group

Interesting Google Group on Digital Curation set up a month or so ago, 25 November 2008 to be exact. Brief is:
"Intended to be a collaborative space for people involved in the work of digital curation and repository development to share ideas, practices, technology, software, standards, jokes, etc."
There's been mostly techie-level discussion on various topics, including the bagit data packaging spec, whether it should include forward error correction (to cope with very long transit time, FedEx style transfers, I think), and (on a quite different level) the concept of "movage", reported by Ed Summers based on conversations at a LoC barcamp with Ryan McKinley, whoever he is, and others. The essence is:
"The only way to archive digital information is to keep it moving."
Which ties in with some thoughts of mine: the best way to preserve information is to keep using it. I don't know how to link to individual posts, but if you go look you'll find it easily enough.

One worth watching!


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