Friday, 16 January 2009

Kilbride new Director for Digital Preservation Coalition

I'm very pleased that William Kilbride has been appointed Executive Director of the DPC. I've worked with William for several years, touching on preservation and also geospatial matters. Given the kind of small organisation the DPC is, William is an excellent person to engage with its community and to represent it and its views. The official press release follows:
The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) is pleased to announce that Dr William Kilbride has been appointed to the post of DPC Executive Director.

William has many years of experience in the digital preservation community. He is currently Research Manager for Glasgow Museums, where he has been involved in digital preservation and access aspects of Glasgow's museum collections, and in supporting the curation of digital images, sound recordings and digital art within the city's museums.

Previously he was Assistant Director of the Archaeology Data Service where he was involved in many digital preservation activities. He has contributed to workshops, guides and advice papers relating to digital preservation.

In the past William has worked with the DPC on the steering committee for the UK Needs Assessment, was a tutor on the Digital Preservation Training Programme and was a judge for the 2007 Digital Preservation Award.

Although the DPC registered office will remain in York, William will be based at the University of Glasgow. He will take up the post on the 23rd February 2009.

Ronald Milne
Digital Preservation Coalition


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