Sunday, 4 May 2008


Tranche sounds interesting. This possibly over-ambitious sound-bite from its web page:
"This project's goal is to solve the problems commonly associated with sharing scientific data, letting you and your collaborators focus on using the data."
In effect it is an encrypted, highly distributed file sharing system, independent of any central authority, and suitable for "any size of file", but maybe there are still some sharing problems left for the scientists (;-)?

The Science Commons blog reports:
"The National Cancer Institute will soon be using Tranche to store and share mouse proteomic data from its Mouse Proteomic Technologies Initiative (MPTI). Tranche, a free and open source file sharing tool for scientific data, was one of the earliest testers of CC0. Many thanks to Tranche for providing us with such valuable early feedback on CC0."
Tranche uploads are known as projects, and there are apparently 5399 of them so far. The largest number of replicas appears to be 3, and 44 projects are reported as having missing chunks.


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