Monday 11 August 2008

New issue of International Journal of Digital Curation

I am very pleased to announce the publication of Volume 3, Issue 1 of the International Journal of Digital Curation, at

This is the largest issue so far, including 9 peer-reviewed papers and 8 articles. My thanks to all the contributors, and to Richard Waller for his excellent editorial work.

Papers (Peer-reviewed)
  • Evolving a Network of Networks: The Experience of Partnerships in the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. Martha Anderson
  • Toward Distributed Infrastructures for Digital Preservation: The Roles of Collaboration and Trust. Michael Day
  • Dataset Preservation for the Long Term: Results of the DareLux Project. Eugène Dürr, Kees van der Meer, Wim Luxemburg, Ronald Dekker
  • Curation of Laboratory Experimental Data as Part of the Overall Data Lifecycle. Jeremy Frey
  • Towards a Theory of Digital Preservation. Reagan Moore
  • Challenges and Issues Relating to the Use of Representation Information for the Digital Curation of Crystallography and Engineering Data. Manjula Patel, Alexander Ball
  • Defining File Format Obsolescence: A Risky Journey. David Pearson, Colin Webb
  • Data Documentation Initiative: Toward a Standard for the Social Sciences. Mary Vardigan, Pascal Heus, Wendy Thomas
  • Moving Archival Practices Upstream: An Exploration of the Life Cycle of Ecological Sensing Data in Collaborative Field Research. Jillian C. Wallis, Christine L. Borgman, Matthew S. Mayernik, Alberto Pepe
  • The DCC / Regional eScience Collaborative Workshop. Martin Donnelly
  • The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model. Sarah Higgins
  • What to Preserve?: Significant Properties of Digital Objects. Helen Hockx-Yu, Gareth Knight
  • Recycling Information: Science Through Data Mining. Michael Lesk
  • The Fit Between the UK Environmental Information Regulations and the Freedom of Information Act. Colin Pelton, Mark Thorley
  • Review: Scholarship in the Digital Age. Chris Rusbridge
  • Meeting Curation Challenges in a Neuroimaging Group. Angus Whyte, Dominic Job, Stephen Giles, Stephen Lawrie


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