Saturday, 13 December 2008

What makes up data curation?

Following some discussion at the Digital Curation Conference in Edinburgh, how about this:

Data Curation comprises
  • Data management
  • Adding value to data
  • Data sharing for re-use
  • Data preservation for later re-use
Is that a good breakdown for you? Should data creation be in there? I tend to think that data creation belongs to the researcher; once created, the data immediately falls into the data management and adding value categories.

Adding value will have many elements. I’m not sure if collecting and associating contextual metadata is part of adding value, or simply good data management!

Heard at the conference: context is the new metadata (thanks Graeme Pow!).


  1. Chris

    Context is not new to archivists! We have been monotonous on insisting on the value of context. In fact a reasonably well-known Australian archivist, Barbara Reed, said in the 90s, 'context is everything' [in the archival domain]. So yes, there is a lot the digital curation community can learn from archivists if they would make the effort to find out!

  2. Dear droo, I do agree with you; for many reasons the insights of archivist can be more relevant than those of librarians. In both cases, the differences can be as illuminating as the similarities, however.


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