Monday, 29 September 2008

iPres 2008- past, present and future

Heike Neuroth talking about the start of iPres, conceived at IFLA in 2003. Starting in Beijing, then Germany, next the US at Cornell, then back to Beijing, before coming to the UK this year. She thinks this child is growing up unstoppably now. Adam Farquhar commenting on the increasingly practical nature of reports: “doing it”. Tools being improved through experience in use, at scale. More tools in the toolbox, and we can put them together more flexibly. This year at iPres we have full papers, which should allow more people to get involved in the discussion. Patricia Cruse on iPres 2009 to be hosted by CDL in San Francisco, October 5-6, brand new conference facility at UCSF, downtown (immediately after a large, free blue-grass music festival in Golden Gate Park). Theme is “moving into the mainstream”. Some continuity of programme committee. Question on how to better integrate research with iPres, for example the NSF Datanet initiative, which explicitly bridges the science-library divide. Seek to coordinate with the IDCC and Sun PASIG conferences, so we don’t get to hear the same thing each time.


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