Monday, 8 September 2008

OAIS revision moving forward?

Just over a year ago, in late August 2007 I wondered what was happening with the required review of the Open Archival Information System standard, which was announced in June 2006, and for which comments closed in October 2006. Well, there is at last some movement. Just recently, the DCC and the Digital preservation Coalition received notice of the "proposed dispositions, with rationale, to the suggestions which your organisation sent in response to the request for recommendations for updates to the OAIS Reference Model (ISO 14721)". According to the email from John Garrett, Chair of the CCSDS Data Archiving and Ingest Working Group,
"If you have feedback on these proposed dispositions please email them as soon as possible, and by 30th November 2008 at the latest, [...]

A revised draft of the full OAIS Reference Model is expected to be available on the Web in January 2009. There will then be a period for further comment before submission to ISO for full review."
Although a fair few of the dispositions are "No changes are planned", a large number of changes are also proposed relating to the comments made by DCC/DPC. We have not yet had a chance to review them in detail, nor even to decide yet what the mechanism for this will be. But I am very much encouraged that progress is at last being made, and that more opportunities to interact with the development of this important standard will be available, even if it has not proved possible to find out the venue where the proposed changes have been discussed!


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